LIP House Teams

Go Bulldogs!

Our Signature rotating cast show

Inspired by interviews with audience members or special guests, our rotating cast members spin your stories into improv scenes. Come every week and see all possible combinations of of Lancaster Improv Players' members and up and coming students taking our classes!

Lancaster Gothic

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. You draw the picture and we will say the words.

They are artsy. They are dark. And they are talented. Lancaster Gothic will base their show off of pictures few lucky audience members draw during their show.

LIP Service

Short Form games galore 

LIP Service is the premiere short-form team at the Lancaster Improv Players' theater. They perform a series of hilarious short-form games inspired by suggestions from the audience.

Minimum Rage

Making your bad jobs better!

Minimum RAGE presents an improvised show based on the audience question "what was your first job?"


Janitor at a candy store? Cashier at a taxidermist? President of the HOA? Let's find out!

First Base

Trade your bad date stories for good laughs

First Base presents an improvised show based on the audience question "what was your most interesting or weirdest first date?" WE ALL KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING!


Your suggestion, our stories, fun scenes

Crack open a cold one with this squad as they talk over a topic from the audience and then transform it into an improvised show.


Layers of short form and long form improv

Parfait is a beautiful mix of improvised games and scenes that celebrates Lancaster Improv Players' roots.

Improv Rebound Society

Welcome our newest House Team!

Do you love to laugh? Do you love comedy? Most importantly, do you love the IRS? If you said yes to any of those, then come and check out the newest group to hit the stage! We are the Improv Rebound Society! Follow us as we take you on a journey of laughter through improvised scenes. Where will we end up? We don’t even know?!

Taylor's Book club

They are all well read

Bring your afternoon tea, snuggie, and favorite book to Taylor's Book Club! This team is gonna bring your favorite games to the table and still have room to get creative.


16 S. Prince St. Lancaster, PA - 17603​


First & Third Fridays: 8pm
All Saturdays: 8pm

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