Check back often! We are adding new classes and workshops every month! 

IMPROV 101, 201 & 301

Most students start with Improv 101. This 8 week long class will teach the fundamentals of improv comedy. Topics covered include agreement with a scene partner, character creation, listening as a character and an actor and exploring the worlds created in scenes. The class ends with a graduation show where the students can show their friends and family the skills learned. We guarantee that you'll make them laugh! 

Improv 201 & 301 delves students deeper into the art-form. We will focus on learning "game" (the elements that make scenes truly and deeply funny), learning different show formats and deepening the concepts learned in earlier levels. 

Each level teaches a mix of short- and long-form improv comedy. It is this mix that makes our style of improv unique.

Drop-In Classes and Workshops

A casual way to hone your improv skills one class at a time! Details and classes coming soon!


10 S. Prince St. Lancaster, PA - 17603​




First Friday: 8pm & 9pm
Saturday: 7pm, 8pm, & 9pm

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